bearded dragon lizard

What Are Bearded Dragons?

The Bearded Dragon is like a primeval character that would be a welcome pet for any “Game of Thrones” fan. This friendly Australian lizard has a gentle nature, and his spiky skin is quite soft. Bearded dragons are easy to keep, because they like a wide variety of foods and they remain small in size….

fun facts about horse racing

Fun Facts About Horse Racing

Horse racing is known as the “sport of kings.” If you’re not familiar with the sport, or only associate it with hats and mint juleps, here are some fun facts: Spending the day at the racetrack means dressing up. A few racetracks have a strict dress code. Others allow you to dress casually in jeans…

facts about horse health

5 Things You Might Not Know About Horses

If you’re interested in getting a pony or horse, you’ll need to consider its temperament, state of health, breed, age, and how they’ll be used. It’s a good idea to work with experienced horse people such as trainers, equine veterinarians and breeders before making any decisions.   If you don’t have horses – or know…

keeping chickens

4 Reasons to Keep Chickens

Chickens aren’t typically first on the list when it comes to pets. You might not even consider them at all! But keeping them can be just as rewarding as having a dog or cat. Chickens are also a good way to enhance sustainable living. Plus, they’re relatively low-maintenance, once you have them set up in…