cancer in dogs and cats

Cancer in Dogs and Cats

By Dr. Bruce Little Although cancer in pets differs very little from cancer in humans, it remains a complex, misunderstood, and disheartening tragedy when our four-legged family members are diagnosed with some form of the dreaded “Big C.”  First, it might be productive to review terms that are part and parcel to these conditions. The…

halloween safety tips

Halloween Safety Tips

By Dr. Bruce Little Halloween is almost here! While Halloween is a joyous and thrilling time of year for us, it can create a lot of stress and anxiety for our pets. The constant doorbell ringing and strangely dressed people, with lots of scary costumes and elevated and unusual noises, can stress out many dogs and…

anxiety in dogs

Anxiety in Dogs and Cats

By Dr. Bruce Little Fear and anxiety in pets can come from many different sources. Pets can become fearful of people, sounds, sights, and other pets, either within your home or out in public. The cause can usually can be traced back to inadequate handling and exposure during the first few months of their lives….

is my dog overweight

Is My Pet Overweight?

By Dr. Bruce Little Beginning in the 1990’s, it became obvious that an increasing number of dogs and cats were overweight or downright obese. Veterinarians began to diagnose this malady and to instruct pet owners that they needed to address the weight problem in their pets before the excess began to take its toll on…

pet safety for fall

Pet Safety for Fall Months

By Dr. Bruce Little Labor Day is over, which means fall is almost upon us. It might be beneficial to review some precautions pet owners should take as we head into this next season.  If you haven’t already done so, get your pets vaccinated for rabies and other communicable diseases. Thursday, September 28 is World…

protect pets from wildfires

Protect Pets from Wildfire Smoke

By Dr. Bruce Little With the ever-expanding incidence of wildfires across much of the western portion of the United States, it’s a good idea to review actions that can be taken to protect pets from smoke and debris. All pet owners should prepare an Emergency Preparation and Evacuation Plan before disaster strikes. That plan should…

From the Vet: Biggest Pet Peeves

Like anyone, veterinarians have challenges in their profession. It’s not always cute puppies and kittens! In fact, veterinary medicine, while largely rewarding, can be a stressful field. Oftentimes, pet owners will cause issues for veterinarians, and get in the way of their pets’ care. We asked our veterinary adviser, Dr. Bruce Little, DVM, what his…